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Compress APNG online with one click and lose weight easily

Compress APNG size quickly and easily without affecting quality

Here are the advantages of online APNG compressor tools:

1: Free to use, multiple APNGs are compressed simultaneously, and there is no file size limit.
2: Simple and easy to use, just upload your APNG file and wait a few seconds for the compression to complete.
3: Preserve the quality and format of the original file.
4: Suitable for various situations, such as sending emails, sharing or storing APNG files.

How to compress APNG file size?

To compress a APNG, follow these steps:

1: Upload or drag and drop your APNG file onto this page.
2: Choose the compression level that best suits your needs.
3: Click the Start Compression button and APNG compression will be completed automatically in a few seconds.
4: Click Download to save the compressed APNG.

Some common APNG compression issues

Q:Can I use this APNG compression tool for free?

A:Yes! 100% free, including all our file compression tools, are free to use.

Q:Will APNG compressor protect my privacy?

A:Yes. We take the privacy of our user files very seriously. The system will automatically delete it within 1 hour. There will be no backups and no files will be made public. You can also delete files yourself.

Q:Do I need a paid account to compress files?

A:There is absolutely no need to register as it is completely free.

Q:Are APNG compression tools safe to use?

A:At Online-Compressor.Com we are committed to safety and security. We comply with GDPR, undergo annual audits for ISO/IEC certification, and employ advanced TLS encryption, which means your data, personal information and documents are safe with us. Additionally, every time you perform a task, such as compressing files, the entire process is fully encrypted for complete security.